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Listen To The Episode Of “The Combat Jack Show” | via SoundCloud

The Combat Jack Show AllHipHop Episode

Listen To The Episode Of “The Combat Jack Show” | via SoundCloud

Before there was the “internets” or blog site there was an online website community called We sat down with the founders of AHH Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Greg “Grouchy” Watkins to discuss their early beginnings, creating an online destination for hip hop, breaking some of our household names, surviving hacks, 20th Anniversary and much more. If you used read their rumor section with Illseed then you know that was the precursor to all of the “breaking news” culture that exist today. Did you know that Charlamagne The God used to write for AllHipHop? Ha! Also joining us doing co-hosting duties is the lovely Alexa Leighton. Hit that play button and #GetReady4Combat

January 11, 2017
Dave East – “30 Niggaz” – Directed by Fred Focus | via YouTube
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January 11, 2017
Listen To The Tariq Nasheed Episode Of Taxstone’s “Tax Season” | via SoundCloud
Taxstone has the good brother @TariqNasheed in the studio discussing politics, white supremacy and...


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