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Eliot Ness – ‘Money Calls’ | via Spotify

Eliot Ness – ‘Money Calls’ | via Spotify

Eliot Ness speaks on his Money Calls tape with’s Jake Crates as we delve into the music of the Spotify featured artist who is very familiar with money because its always calling. From hustling in H-Town to how Hurricane Harvey affected Eliot Ness’s career you get it all.  Eliot Ness has a thing for the money and he knows her quite well because she’s always calling. Check it out below:

Interviewer: What’s your favorite track from your project “Money Calls” and why?

Eliot Ness: Control, it speaks on, we talking about reality stuff that goes on right now that a lot of
people can relate to.

Interviewer: I see you have a new single coming out called “Juggin”, what was your inspiration
behind it?

Eliot Ness: My inspiration for juggin is basically uh motivation for hustling. The song, I did it so it
can kind of resonate with youngsters and cats my age. Juggin is just another word I use for
hustling. See I represent hustlers, I represent hustlers on the block, the struggle and stuff like
that. If you work at a downtown building, the source, or hustling on the block. If you a hustler,
you juggin.

Interviewer: How do other Houston artists, such as Slim Thug or Paul wall influence your music?

Eliot Ness: Well they influence my music because of they hustle and they drive and how they
network. They don’t try to divide people, if anything they try to bring together and they try to
love. Like slim thug say, he try’s to influence and show people to be a boss. Same as me. I’m
tryna educate people to be a hustle, a entrepreneur.

Interviewer: What’s something that most people don’t know about you, aside from your music?

Eliot Ness: Uh I do barbecue. I suffer from different illnesses. I suffer from congestive heart
failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. I would like to educate people on those. How you
take care of your body. We as a people have to start taking better care of ourselves, be more
aware of of health as a community.

Interviewer: Are you signed right now? Do you want to stay independent or would you like to be
signed to a major record label?

Eliot Ness: No I’m with my own company, which is Hustlers On the Block Entertainment. So I’m
just pushing my own self um from start to finish. Right now I’m not looking to be signed with
anyone. If I do sign it’ll just be for distribution purposes. If some other label pick me up they just
not picking me up as a artist, they picking me up as a artist, a company, a entrepreneur, as a
person that wants to lead and not follow. I can stay independent but uh independent you have
more of a overall control over you and what you put out. So I just try to uh stay as independent
as I can other than looking for a good backing as far as distribution and certain marketing
opportunities . But being independent is where I started and where I’ll hopefully finish. But if the
money right then I’ll uh do what need to be done.

Interviewer: If you had to choose, who would be your top choice of artist to collab with?

Eliot Ness: I would love to collab with Jay Z. What resonates and what I’ve always loved was the

older cats. They talk on the tracks and they guide people like uh Jay Z new album for instance ,
it’s in a lot of ways different from all the other music Jay Z has put out. To me the message that
he’s giving out in this project is better than all other previous projects because he didn’t limit
himself. He’s putting music out there to help the communities know what’s going on. What we all
need to be concerned with to evolve, to better ourselves, instead of having that slave mentality
and always thinking that way. Mainly right now because of status and what he’s talking about
imma say I would love to collaborate with Jay Z? But there is plenty of others.

Interviewer: Were you in Texas during the hurricane? How did it affect you?

Eliot Ness: Yes, I was in Texas but luckily by the grace of God, Hurricane Harvey didn’t effect
me as much as it had other people that I know and other family members and stuff but uh most
of me and my family had uh no damage or minimum damage. I got out there to do my lil
volunteer work. I fed people, I passed out merchandise of clothing so they can have. Hats off to
Trae Da Truth cause ain’t nobody did it better than him.

Interviewer: What’s next for Eliot Ness, what can we expect from you?

Eliot Ness: I’m working on uh multiple projects right now, multiple singles. I’m working on
multiple albums but the first one I’m gone drop is Called “I’m Me”. I’m also putting out an EP, a 5
song EP which is called “I’m Me: the Beginning” I was supposed to been already dropped it but
due to Hurricane Harvey and other setbacks and stuff, I had to rearrange.

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